On Sunday 9th June, the roads of Birmingham were closed to traffic for a free annual cycling festival, Let’s Ride Birmingham.

Yasmin was part of the group leaving Saheli Hub in Calthorpe Park. The club is part of Cycling UK.

I’m a qualified Cycling Community Club Led Bike Rider

I first got involved about 2 years ago with my local community. I just happen to walk through the Calthorpe park one day and saw a hub full of bikes so I enquired and because I love riding I wanted to help and get involved. I was encouraged to do the bikeability https://bikeability.org.uk/how/  course, which I did and soon became a bikeability instructor and taught people of all ages to ride within local schools and with my local community.  I do led rides whenever I can ūüôā

The changes I notice in people who join the Club Rides are firstly the joy and excitement that emanates from their faces, also how social, their conversations are -very positive up beat and relaxed. No real negativity, just up-beat and edifying.

A personal experience from groups and individuals are smiles from ear to ear on faces from everyone. The great appreciation shown, by being led out safely where they can escape for a while from their worries, burdens and daily challenges of life, they can all be left behind and forgotten while they are reminded what life is really all about, out on a wonderful bike ride.

Family and friends are happy I have such an interesting, responsible and, at times, busy role in the community. They have shared how generally I’m more positive as an

Everyone should get involved no matter what their background ability or disability, whether a great long time elite experienced rider or someone who has never rode and can’t ride, there’s a place for everyone, no exceptions.  It’s more than just riding, biking is a great reminder and experience, every time anyone rides, of the joy and fullness of life and living.

And lastly, one of the greatest joys of riding is meeting so many new, unique and  wonderful people, who become great, great friends.