Hasnain Najafi

Hasnain is a member and ride leader with Balsall Heath Cycling Club. We spoke with him about his involvement with the club and why cycling is so important to him.

I used to cycle when I was younger, 12 or 13, but that was in Bahrain.  When I came here I played a lot of football, I had a recent knee injury, so stopped playing sports.

Then I heard about cycling, so I started cycling last year.  I really, really enjoyed it, I loved the freedom, the community spirit whilst you’ve doing it.  I enjoyed it that much that I took the Ride Leader course – now I’m starting to do the rides on early Saturday and Sunday morning.  I take the guys for a short road or long ride, depending on what they want to do.  It’s all from Clifton Road Mosque.  I just love it.

There have been people who have had recent operations and the doctor has recommended cycling.  It helps.  People over 60 are coming for rides and they are doing well.  I’m thinking, it’s amazing, it’s really liberating for people.

To find out more about Balsall Heath Cycling Club, head to https://www.cyclinguk.org/local-groups/balsall-heath-ccc