Women’s Enterprise Hub Unity Fair

To mark ‘Human Rights Day 2021’ the Womens Enterprise and Community Hub,  are holding our first ever Unity Fair and We Need You 😊

We are currently looking for female led businesses to take part. We’d like to invite all of you to rock up and show off what you do, whether it be free activities for adults or children, stalls selling your wares or putting a talk to inspire others, please get involved. 

We know things are tight for many of us this year, so we have decided to make this a FREE EVENT to all who pitch up..

This is about uniting our community of women together, and displaying our services and let’s be honest ladies our talents… ❤

The event will be based at the Womens Enterprise and Community Hub in Sparkbrook,  Friday 10th December and will run from 11am till 3pm.

We are in early stage planning now but have already started to take bookings.

Please do contact Kirsty Palmer at Kirsty.Palmer@i-se.co.uk and have a chat about how you be part of unique event.