Willows Road area Litterpick

On Sunday 23rd February, the first Willows Road area Litterpick took place. What a huge difference a handful of people made in just over an hour!

The group tackled litter on Willows Road, Jakeman Road, Willows Crescent, Hallam Street, Mary Street and Cannon Hill Road. Instances of flytipping were reported directly to the Council and some members of the group spoke with businesses on Edward Road about some of the large piles of bulging rubbish bags, which are believed to be business, rather than domestic waste.

As always, residents are encouraged to report instances of Flytipping, including any information about who may be responsible. All businesses are required to have suitable waste collection arrangements in place and flytipping can result in considerable fines. The group will be following this up with the Councillor Zhor Malik.

This will be a fortnightly event, so do join the group on Sunday 8th March at 9:30am at the junction of Willows Crescent and Jakeman Road. Thanks to Moseley Litterbusters for the equipment and support!