Volunteering with Balsall Heath Mutual Aid group

Richard has been supporting people in the local community during lockdown by helping to co-ordinate Balsall Heath Mutual Aid group – getting essential items to those in need and answering calls for anyone seeking support. Here is shares a little bit about how he got involved and what he has been doing.

Have been living in Balsall Heath for about 7 months. I quit my job in February because I felt I was in an industry that didn’t match up with my views and my intention was to take time for myself and figure out what it was I wanted to do. I had intended to go travelling and to get involved with more volunteering efforts but then Corona became what it was.

The need to volunteer in my community became even more evident and so I got involved with Balsall Heath Mutual Aid as I came across it on social media. Since then I’ve volunteered at other organisations such as The Active Wellbeing Society and have come to know a lot more similarly minded people in my area.

I’m looking forward to continuing my community involvement and also to working with and helping great people despite this time of uncertainty.

If you are interested in volunteering to support people through Balsall Heath Mutual Aid group, please complete this short online form.