The EU Settlement Scheme Deadline is 30th June – Have you Applied?

30th June 2021 is the cut off period for applying to the EU settlement scheme. Many thousands of EU citizens across Birmingham have successfully obtained Settled Status, but there are still people out there who are yet to apply.

They could be elderly and lived here for many years, married to a UK citizen and not aware the scheme applies to them, students who arrived before the end of the transition period or children who even though born here are not automatically eligible for UK citizenship.

It is imperative that EU citizens (other than Irish) and non EU/UK family members who came to live in the UK before 1st January 2021 apply to the Settlement Scheme to secure the right to remain here after 1st July. I volunteer with the charity ‘Settled’ to help EU/EEA & Swiss citizens and their families obtain settled status.

We are asking everyone to promote EUask5. Ask 5 EU/EEA or Swiss citizens if they have applied to the settlement scheme. Then ask them and all your friends and neighbours to do the same.

If you need help to apply or more information on Settled Status or EU citizens rights post Brexit you can contact me at or call 07784 155208.