Specular Reflecular Animation at Moseley Road Baths’ Gala Pool

Artists Juneau Projects have worked with hundreds of local people to create a beautiful hand-painted animation that celebrates Moseley Road Baths and the community that surrounds it.

People of all backgrounds and ages attended workshops and made individual frames for the animation by painting over live-action footage of local swimmers. Each frame reflects the memories, personality and style of its local creator. Combined, they create an ever-changing collage of colours, light and water; which also reflects the vibrancy and eclectic nature of Balsall Heath.

You can view a sneak preview of the animation on the Moseley Road Baths CIO website.

This fantastic animation is part of an immersive art installation in the Gala Pool. Viewers are invited to relax on specially created wave furniture and soak up the atmosphere of this unique heritage space, while watching the light from the projected film and newly uncovered windows refracted through multi-coloured translucent decorations.

Specular Reflecular is part of Trust New Art, the National Trust’s programme of contemporary arts and is funded by Arts Council England.

Open 5th – 28th March 2020

Admission is FREE

Location: Gala Pool, Moseley Road Baths, 497 Moseley Road, Balsall Heath, B12 9BX

Wednesdays  Midday – 6pm
Thursdays Midday – 6pm
Fridays Midday – 6pm
Saturdays 10am – 4pm
Sundays 10am – 2pm

Please note: there is no step-free access to Moseley Road Baths and the Gala Pool has not yet been adapted for wheelchair users. If you have impaired mobility and wish to visit the exhibition space, please be prepared to navigate steps without a handrail on entrance to the baths.