Sparkbrook & Balsall Heath East ward meeting

The next Sparkbrook & Balsall Heath East ward meeting will be held on 15 March 7pm at Sparkbrook Health & Community Centre, Grantham Road.


1. Welcome 

Chairs welcome & to advise that members of the press/public may record and take photographs except where there are confidential or exempt items

2. Love Your Streets Initiative

Selena Ellis, Performance & Engagement Officer, will join the meeting to talk about the initiative 

3. Digital Inclusion

Michelle Rihoy, Digital Inclusion Project Lead will explain the Digital Inclusion Strategy plan and answer resident’s questions.

4. Update on the Neighbourhood Action Co-ordinator Initiative from Amer Khan, Neighbourhood Action Co-ordinator.

5. Councillors Update/Residents Updates

6. Date of Next Meeting – 17th May 2023, 7pm Sparkbrook Health & ​Community Centre

Contact: Kay Thomas, Community Governance Manager, e-mail: