To fill those small gaps between the many meals most of us will be eating over the coming week – here’s a very merry seasonal quiz kindly sent to us by helpful friends. You will find the answers lurking below our next seasonal illustration……..ho ho ho. There are no prizes, but you could have another mince pie if you manage to do any of the quiz before looking at the answers.
It helps if you have a practice with some cracker jokes. Wearing a daft hat…….
How did Mary and Joseph know that Jesus was exactly 7lb 6oz when he was born?How would you describe a group of chess players bragging about their games in a hotel lobby?What do workers at Sports Direct get for Christmas dinner?How can you recognise a Christmas tree from BHS?What is Vince Cable’s favourite Christmas song?How will Christmas dinner be different after Brexit?Why didn’t Roy Hodgson get to visit Santa at the North Pole?Why is Jeremy Corbyn asking people not to eat sprouts at Christmas?How was Scrooge helped to score a goal in the Misers Utd vs Workhouse Rangers football match?Why wouldn’t Santa be treated in an NHS hospital?What does the clementine in your Christmas stocking have in common with Donald Trump?What is Donald Trump’s favourite Christmas carol?What Christmas carol can be heard in the desert?When Santa got stuck up a chimney, he began to shout. What was he suffering from?What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?If Santa tried to sell Donner and Blitzen on eBay, why would no one bid for them?What does Miley Cyrus have for her Christmas dinner?How does good King Wenceslas prefer his pizzas?What do annoyed mice send to each other at Christmas?
If you find you have inadvertently eaten some Christmas decorations, what might you get?

They had a weigh in a manger 11. They’re both a little orange Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer 12. O comb over ye faithfulAbout 5 minutes 13. O camel ye faithfulAll the branches have gone 14. ClaustrophobiaAll I want for Christmas is EU. 15. A Christmas quackerNo Brussels 16. They’re two deerHe couldn’t get past Iceland 17. TwerkyHe wants to give peas a chance 18. Deep pan, crisp and evenThe ghost of Christmas passed 19. Cross mouse cardsHe has private elf care 20 Tinsilitis


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