On Sunday 9th June, the roads of Birmingham were closed to traffic for a free annual cycling festival, Let’s Ride Birmingham.

Sakina joined with a group leaving from Calthorpe Park to head to the event in the centre of Birmingham. She learnt to cycle as an adult and now is encouraging her children to enjoy the experience.

I’m taking part in the cycling festival today. I’m excited. I’ve got two kids with us. We’ve got child’s seats on our bikes. My daughter will be with me -she’s one – and my son will be with my husband. He’s three. There are quite a lot of bikes at The Hub but we’ve brought our own bikes today.

The festival happens every year but last year I couldn’t take part. This year I decided to bring the kids.

You get a sense of freedom whilst doing some exercise.

I didn’t know how to cycle. I learnt at the age of 23. I went to the Saheli club at Ward End. Luckily, after one and a half sessions I caught on. Now, with my husband, I’ve been on an eight and half mile ride along the canals. I’m looking forward to seeing how many kids there are today.

Hopefully when my kids grow up we’ll put them on a bike as well. When I told them this morning they were going on a bike they were so excited. They were jumping up and down and clapping their hands.

Hopefully we’re going to do more of this now.  Hopefully we’ll do this weekly in the summer months.