Pause Mental Health Support for young people

“Need someone to talk to? Struggling to cope with feelings? Pause is here for you, if you are under 25 and have a Birmingham GP.

  • Our Digbeth drop in service has closed until further notice, but we are operating a temporary telephone service in its place.
  • We are offering a call back service for young people under 25 years of age, who have a Birmingham GP.
  • We are also supporting families with Birmingham GPs who want support around a child/young person under 25 years of age.
  • Our calls offer brief interventions including a listening ear, self-help strategies and skills/techniques for managing difficult situations and feelings.
  • Our opening hours are 10-6, seven days a week.

If young people or parents wish to access our service, we ask that they drop us an email on or call 0207 841 4470 and we will arrange for one of our friendly team to call them back. For more information do check our website on

If there is anyone else you know who would be interested in this information, please do forward this onto them, remembering that we are a Birmingham only service and can only support young people and families with a Birmingham GP.