Daily Thread at The Old Print Works run regular, affordable open textile sessions for everyone.  We spoke to some to some participants at their Craftivism workshop.


I knew the building because for 12 years I brought my two daughters to do synchronised swimming at the Moseley Baths just over the road.

I was involved in a project where we each had to embroider a tree and it was something to do with refugee week and it went up to be exhibited in Manchester.

I’ve learnt to use a sewing machine. I’ve done a bit of patchwork here. I’ve learnt to cut up an old t-shirt and use the cotton again to knit with. All things to do with sustainability. I’ve done these things again at home.

What’s nice is that you come when you want to. There’s no pressure. Nobody asks any questions.

It’s the social side, I like. Even if you’ve had a bad day you come back and feel better. We’re all very different but everybody’s friendly. And the cake is nice.