The Balsall Heath Forum held its 7th Dynamic Youth Awards on Wednesday 13th December at Balsall Heath Church Centre, with hundreds of guests attending. This year the awards went to 7-25 year olds who had made a contribution to sports, health or wellbeing and celebrated the bid Birmingham has put in for the Commonwealth Games.
The Dynamic Youth Awards is something the Balsall Heath Community looks forward to each year, as it acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of our young people in the presence of honourable guests. This year the guest of honour was Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Councillor Anne Underwood (below). She paid tribute to the remarkable nature and achievements of the Balsall Heath community, and praised its young people for following so ably in the footsteps of their elders.

Other distinguished guests helped to give the young people their awards, and read the citations which each received. The Forum’s Chief Executive (Abdullah Rehman) and Chair (Subah Rasab) acted as hosts throughout, and steered the way through a programme which included musical entertainment from a number of youthful violinists, the many and varied awards, and finally a splendid celebratory meal for everyone, presented by Hamid and the Forum’s sterling volunteers.
(Left to right above : Abdullah, Subah, youngest violinist, quartet of violinists. Thanks to Jake Stewart for the photos, and Ian Edwards for editing them.)
And now for the winners…..
(Left to right above:Aleeza Rehman; Aleysha Ali; Anae Roberts)
Their citations:
This amazing 12-year-old is very quiet, and it takes her a little while to make friends. When she was 7 years old she started swimming lessons and hated every second of it, she even refused to put her face in the water. 5 years on after staying persistent and determined she has now found her confidence in the swimming pool. She has almost completed her swimming classes and is now looking into joining a swimming club, she is a real example that shows ‘hard work truly pays off’. Congratulations to Aleeza Rehman.
This incredible young person was the inspiration and encouragement behind JABS B8 Football Club, her persistence and determination created a girl’s football team. She went the step further and encouraged friends and neighbours to get involved in the sport and thanks to all the efforts of this 7-year- old, there are now a regular 18 players. Congratulations to Aleysha Ali.
This 14-year-old has been described by her teachers as an influential player whose ability can change any game. She is a superb footballer and is a key part of her school football team. She loves the sport so much and is so dedicated that is she also currently playing for Birmingham City Ladies Under 16 football team. Congratulations to Anae Roberts.
(Left to right above: Ellie Pierce; Deago Nelson; Nisha Kurd.)
This 15-year-old trains through boxing outside of school, she also does kickboxing and has done this competitively too. She is a great footballer and usually plays as a goalkeeper and is also a fantastic dancer! In the words of her P.E. teacher she is ‘a brilliant all-rounder’ and a real inspiration. Congratulations to Ellie Pierce.
This brilliant young person has been playing the great sport of football since he was 5 years old, every game he plays oozes with the passion and love he has for the sport. Now aged 12 years old he is taking part in trials for Aston Villa youth squad, we can already see he is going to be part of some big things. Congratulations to Deago Nelson. Remember that name.
This 13-year-old is a committed and highly dedicated student. Not only does she attend many sport clubs after school, but she is also highly talented in many sports and has an incredible work ethic and passion for sport. Even though she is only in year 8 she is a role model to many students in the school and is an inspiration to others in what they can achieve. She also won the schools ‘Sports Personality of the Year’ for 2016/2017 which tells you how much this young person is dedicated to sport. Huge congratulations to Nisha Kurd.
(Above left to right: Emma Zindani; Hamza Nazar; Tye Nelson)
This final award is an exceptional achievement award, now she may not be a young person anymore but thanks to her many young people have not been ‘written off’ by society and are being supported towards taking a more positive path in life. She is a 32-year- old mother of three. At 17/18 she left home and found herself living in hostels. Life wasn’t ideal, but she found help in many organisations such as St Basils who helped her get a house. From this she continued to rebuild herself because she did not want to just make do, so she worked herself through her NVQs in care, but found this wasn’t what she wanted to do in life. She then decided to set up her own organisation called Miracle Housing which helps and supports 18-25- year olds. She wanted to support young people who found themselves in the situation she was in as a teenager and wanted to do whatever she could to not let society ‘write off’ these young people. She strongly believes if the organisations who supported her and had faith in her weren’t there when she needed them she could’ve taken a very different path. This inspiring young woman knows how important it is to have faith in young people, how important it is to believe in them and how important it is to support them especially when they are in difficult situations. Thanks to all her work she has supported many young people change their path and has supported them with making more positive choices for their futures. A huge thank you and congratulations to Emma Zindani.
Now this award is a bit of a story and shows incredible bravery and courage of a young man who considered the wellbeing of others and acted when he saw injustice. Whilst out for the day with his family this 17-year- old was made aware of 2 males breaking into a car that was parked near a local park. At the time he was in car driven by his sister, however he took it upon himself to investigate and went into the park to see if he could find out what was going on. He observed the 2 men who were acting suspiciously and were putting electrical items into their pockets. He then returned to the car and told his sister to driver after the men, whilst he made a 999 call to the police. He saw the suspects going into a shop, he followed and made enquires and found out the suspects were trying to sell items including a mobile phone. He alerted the shop keeper that the phone had been stolen and then left the shop continuing to follow the suspects whilst providing the police with a running commentary via his 999 call which included full descriptions and their precise location. He continued to do this for several minutes but was sensible to keep distance away from himself and the suspects to ensure he was not in danger. As a result of his bravery and all the information he provided the officers from the Sparkbrook Neighbourhood Team, they located one of the suspects and were able to make an arrest and recover the stolen mobile phone. This young man is an excellent example of a young person showing civic responsibility, and bravery. Very well done, and thank you to Hamza Nazar.
This incredible 9-year-old is a very keen sportsman, he is an amazing gymnast and we would not be surprised if he went on to be a future Olympian. Young people like him are an inspiration to others around him, he has chosen to follow a positive path despite being surrounded by the volatile society many of our youngsters are faced with today. He is doing what he loves and is inspiring others through the process. Congratulations to an incredible young lad Tye Nelson.
And not to leave out the highly achieving:
Runners Up who also received awards from the Lord Mayor.
A great night for the community with brilliant organisation by the Forum to whom everyone’s thanks.


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