Neighbourhood News Online needs your voice!

With around 1,000 views a month, Neighbourhood News Online is a great way to share your stories.

Over the past year, hundreds of posts have been shared on our platforms to support our community in a time of crisis.  From accurate information about Covid-19 to helping people access food, clothing or debt advice, the site has been there for residents when they needed it.  Yet much of this is done on a voluntary basis by one person.

We are asking our supporters to help this work continue in three ways:


Take time to look at the website, find out what is going on locally and connect with others in the area.


Share content through using the links to some simple GoogleForms on our website.  Just fill out each field with as much detail as you can, add a logo, poster or photo and hit send.  After moderation, it will appear on the site.

Upcoming events, information about community projects and local services or reports on activities you’ve been part of are all very welcome.  Think about what YOU want people to see when they search for our community online.

If you are interested in lending your skills as a contributor, contact Rachel at for an informal chat.  The ambition is that Neighbourhood News Online will become a voice for Balsall Heath.


Sharing Neighbourhood News Online with friends, family, neighbours or your service users could make a real difference to somebody.  Connecting people with the right service and the right people at the right time can help us thrive as a community.

Let people know about the website, forward on this e-mail and follow us through one of our Social Media platforms where we share content from local organisations.

Follow us, tag us and share our posts to your own followers!