Neighbourhood Networks Redesign Conversations

Share your ideas for the redesign of Birmingham’s Neighbourhood Network Schemes.

What are Birmingham’s Neighbourhood Network Schemes?

In Autumn 2018, Neighbourhood Networks’ [NNS] started working to strengthen local communities so that older people can; “lead healthy, happy, independent lives within their own homes and communities” [Prevention First Strategy]. This is achieved by developing partnerships with the Voluntary and Community Sector, Social Care, Health and other parts of the public sector and through mapping and strengthening community assets. Across Birmingham, the NNS contributes to reducing demand on adult social care services such as home support and residential care, whilst at the same time making our neighbourhoods better places to live.

Why are we asking for your ideas?

The NNS has been successful and in order to sustain this progress we have recently extended them until March 2022. This gives us an opportunity to review what we have learnt so far and think about what is needed for the longer term. We want you to be part of this ‘co-design’ conversation. From April 2022 our goal is to have an expanded and redesigned NNS secured for several more years.

From January to March 2021, we want to take the opportunity to listen to your ideas on the future design of NNS.