Neighbourhood Council online briefing – Wed 2nd February

On Wednesday 2nd February an online briefing and consultation will take place for residents and those with a connection to Balsall Heath, to discuss plans for a Neighbourhood Council for the area. Pat Wing, Co-ordinator of the planning group shares information below.

You may be hearing of the idea of a Neighbourhood Council in Balsall Heath for the first time, or you may have some knowledge of what is proposed.

A little history to begin with. Until a few years ago Balsall Heath had a Neighbourhood Forum which sought to improve the neighbourhood and work on behalf of the residents and businesses. Sadly that organisation no longer exists and so the Neighbourhood Strategic Partnership (which is a group of interested parties from the Statutory and voluntary sector and residents) came up with the idea of forming a Neighbourhood Council (also known as Parish Councils).

The planning group is now at the stage when it needs to begin consulting with the residents of Balsall Heath to see what they think of the idea and what they would want it to do for them.

The first briefing and consultation meeting will take place on Zoom, at 6:30pm on Wednesday, 2nd February. The below link will give you access to that meeting.

Azita Zohhadi, who chairs the planning group will introduce the proposal and then go through a short presentation on the key points. The floor will then be open for you to ask any questions.

We think that this is an extremely exciting idea and one that will really allow the residents of Balsall Heath to make some significant positive changes to their neighbourhood, so please do try and make the meeting.

(Some of you may be aware that the previously arranged meeting did not go ahead due to a technical issue on the evening. If you tried to access the meeting then apologies!)

Coordinator of the planning group
Patrick Wing MBE