Moseley Road widening proposals

John Newson from Balsall Heath is Our Planet is urging local people to write to their Councillors about the proposals to widen the Moseley Road.

Dear friends, Please write to Balsall Heath’s elected Councillors Malik and Hussein about road widening through Balsall Heath. They are about to have a meeting with Cabinet member for Transport Zaffar and they want to hear what local people want. 

Please write to them in a positive tone and be brief. Just saying “loss of trees” will not work, since new trees can be planted somewhere. Key points; Impact on Balsall Heath Centre fromf cutting back 3 or 4 metre pavements to just 2-2 m. And fitting in four narrow lanes of traffic in place of three, making life worse for pedestrians, cyclists, shops etc.

There are many ways to reduce the delays to buses without widening the road.

Thank them and add your Name and an Address where you live or work near to Moseley Road

To Councillor Zhor Malik Councillor Shabrana Hussain