Moseley Road Garden

Balsall Heath is Our Planet have been hard at work bringing some much needed greenery to the centre of Balsall Heath. Here we share a recent post from their blog, posted by John Newson.

We have completed another phase of the gardening of Moseley Road.  This aims to transform a run-down traffic corridor, lined with parked cars, into an attractive place to walk, sit and converse at the centre of Balsall Heath. Plants and flowers are slowly making it into a welcoming place to be.

For this phase, we had the help of BH City Farm with Hywel and the team from Community Payback to move a number of derelict planters and soil. They were then painted , and are now planted up, using late summer flowering plants with bulbs ready for next spring. Effectively, we have extended the earlier Bee Garden. A space in front of the Old Print Works has become two outdoor “rooms”. Staff from the Mix Community Cafe were quick to set up their tables and chairs and welcome customers. Jeremy, who lives in the Print works, and I were quite weary by this time, but ready for some refreshment, pavement cafe style.

In future, BHIOP will encourage other properties to extend the garden along more of the road, so as to connect with the Pocket Park. Thank you to all the passers by for all their appreciative comments  !