Mohammed Yaseen

Mohammed, his son Usmaan and friend Javeed have been clearing the triangular pocket of land on Willows Road outside the Jamia Masjid Bilal Mosque.

My name is Mohammed Yaseen, I live locally on Edgbaston Road and I’ve been a regular at this Mosque for probably the past 40 years.  I just like to tidy here.  People dump all their stuff, all their rubbish here and the Mosque Committee, they keep tidying as well.  This area, where all this grass is, it was really messy and nobody had tidied it for so many years.  So we decided to do this.  Eid is coming up, the end of our fasting month, so many, many people will come round.  We just want to make it look nice and tidy, a bit more green and flowery.  Hundreds of people come every night for one hour of prayer.  Hopefully the weather will stay nice for Eid!