Is this a Better Balsall Heath?

As debate continues over plans to widen Moseley Road, John Newson of Balsall Heath is Our Planet has written this blogpost (below) outlining some of the issues highlighted at last week’s meeting. If you have strong feelings about the proposed plans for widening the Moseley Road through Balsall Heath then do get in touch.

The public meeting at The Old Print Works on 22 October was strongly critical of the Transport for West Midlands proposals, which we had described to us, to narrow the foot ways, take down the line of trees and fit in another lane of traffic through the centre of Balsall Heath. This seems quite against the core aim of the Neighbourhood Plan to strengthen our local centre.

Many ways to make the existing road function more efficiently can be identified, reducing  the delays to buses, but this should make the widening unnecessary, it was argued. People want the rail station reopened, rather than the road widened. The full text of the discussion can be had from me John Newson  bhiop[at]

Residents have organised a meeting in Tindal Street on 27 Oct. because many people do not know about this scheme and did not get the city council’s letter about the scheme, or could not read it in English.

A petition is being started by Birmingham Friends of the Earth, in favour of a better bus service, but against the road widening, 

People have asked for, and have got, an extension until 22nd November for public consultation. Only online responses will be taken, through the BeHeard website. You can say which aspects of the scheme you like, or don’t like.

Now Birmingham City Council is to put forward, at the end of November, their big plan to reduce car travel into the city centre, as part of progressing towrads a zero carbon city  in Birmingham Transport Plan 2031.

What is the effect of fitting in another lane of traffic, here ?