Andi Smith is the organiser of the petition to Protect Birmingham Cyclists, which was prompted by the tragic death of Dr. Susannah Bull – he writes:
‘Over the last seven weeks we’ve heard countless stories not only of an enormous diversity of people lending their support to the petition but of your further engagement. Many of you have written to councillors and MP’s, many of you have began to debate this issues with friends and family, many more of you have challenged the foolish position of a car centric system in your own individual ways. We are deeply, deeply grateful.
Please know that your voice is being heard, the debate is changing, good things will come.
On Sunday 3rd Dec we’d like to invite you to join us as we present your petition to West Midlands regional mayor Mr. Andy Street.

We’ll meet at the Custard Factory, Gibb St, Digbeth at around 1:45 pm, setting off at 2pm prompt for a short slow roll down to Millenium Point where we will meet Andy and hand over the petition.
While the serious nature of our cause can not be over stated it’s also important that we keep our joy in the face of adversity. For that reason we’re encouraging you to don your best santa costume, awful winter jumper and dodgy middle easter shepherd outfit and get festive, really, really festive!!
We appreciate that for many people this is an extraordinarily busy time of the years with endless conflicting demands. We simply ask that you do all you can to join us at this milestone moment. Volume is difficult to ignore!!
See you soon.


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