Hall Green Police update

This Policing update has been sent by Hall Green Constituency Inspector Neil Kirkpatrick.

I am the Police Inspector for Hall Green Constituency, covering the wards of Moseley and Kings Heath, Hall Green, Sparkbrook and Springfield. I thought this would be a good time to introduce myself and update you in relation to some local policing matters, as well as give you the opportunity to help shape the way we police Hall Green!

Firstly, I must mention Covid 19 given the significant impact it has had on all our lives for the last few months. I thank you as residents for supporting and complying with the government lockdown restrictions as far as possible and appreciate how difficult and challenging this is, particularly for our children and young people.
From a policing perspective we have been out in the community in the areas that see the most footfall to ensure we can give advice and ensure people fully understand the government guidelines. Only as a last resort will we move to actual Enforcement and report individuals for breaching the rules around Covid.
The main areas for concern for us have been around parks and open spaces. Cannon Hill Park for example has been getting very busy, particularly during the warmer weather spells.
The coming weeks will see further relaxation of lockdown, with non essential shops reopening and potentially, pubs and licensed premises in July. We are well prepared for this from a Policing perspective and have planned  to ensure we can be visible in all the right places  as the country gradually reverts back to some normality.

Like all of you, I watched with horror and disgust the video footage of George Floyd’s treatment by police in America that led to his death. I understand the strength of feeling this has caused in the UK and more locally here in Hall Green. West Midlands Police  will support peaceful protest and peoples right to have their voices heard. There is no place for Racism in any part of society, including the Police and I will do everything I can to ensure our local community can feel trust and confidence in policing. Hall Green enjoys a diverse community and I would very much like to hear the communities view on local policing and anything we could do to build even stronger relations with our local communities in Hall Green.
In particular, I want to increase the ‘voice of youth’ locally and hear what young people have to say on policing? What are their fears? What do they think police could do better?. So my second ask is that if you know a young person or group of young people who might want to speak to me , please let me know. We could really shape the way we do business taking into account a young persons perspective.

Our local Connect and Build strategy continues to develop, in the form of Street Watch and Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. These groups are the eyes and ears of the police when we cannot be there and allow us to work with local groups on issues that affect them in their areas. A big thank you from me  to our  existing groups! The next ask from me is for you to consider setting up your own such group? Do you know a couple of people in your street that share the same concerns about your area?  If so, why not contact me for further details on our community schemes and how we could help support you setting up in your area?

The local ward teams have been busy focussing on enforcement of search warrants on those individuals we believe are concerned in the supply of drugs. We have had some great results over the last few weeks and I strongly believe the disruption of local drugs supply will significantly help us to reduce violent crime. The two are crime types are often closely linked. I need you as the local community to give us the intelligence we need so that we can continue to disrupt those who supply drugs. If you know someone, or hear information about drugs why not call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. You call will be completely anonymous and they will pass the information you provide to local police who can then take the necessary action.

Now moving to crime. This is largely a really good news story!
The figures I provide below are direct  comparisons of Year to Date percentages compared to the same time last year and are since 1st April:

Hall Green

Total crime down by 20%
Robbery down by 62%
Violence with injury involving persons aged under 25 down by 50%
knife crime down by 87%
Vehicle crime down by 29%
Burglary down by 59%
Domestic Violence up by 54%

Moseley and Kings Heath

Total crime down by 20%
Robbery down by 59%
Burglary down 57%
Violence with injury involving persons under 25 years old down by 45%
knife crime down by 50%
Vehicle crime down 25%
Domestic Violence up 76%


Total crime down 16%
Robbery down 67%
Violence with injury involving persons under the age of 25 down 38%
Knife crime down 28%
Vehicle Crime down 42%
Burglary down 67%
Domestic Violence up 13%


Total crime down 7 %
Robbery down 40%
Violence with injury involving persons under 25 years old down 33%
Knife crime down 27%
Vehicle crime down 3%
Burglary down 31%
Domestic Violence up 38%

Reading these figures, I hope you will be pleased with the main crime reductions. What does concern me though is the increases we have seen in Domestic Violence. This may be attributable to the Covid lock down and families trapped indoors together, but whatever the reason cannot be acceptable. My teams will continue to review  reports of Domestic Violence on a daily basis and prioritise the arrest of Domestic Violence offenders over any other crime type.

I hope this update has been useful. Is there is any particular information you would like to see coming out from local police on WMNOW please let me know, so we can continue to ensure we maximise its potential!


Neil Kirkpatrick
Hall Green Constituency Inspector