Friends of Seven Streets Pocket Park

For those of you who live in or around Seven Streets Pocket Park (opposite Balsall Heath City Farm and St. Paul’s Community Development Trust) – there is a new group who will be active in making improvements to the park and bringing the local community together. Give them a follow on Facebook and look out for an upcoming Spring event.

The Spring event day will involve a little planting, litter picking, some family fun activities with Active Streets, art and craft activities.  Most importantly it is an opportunity for local people to let us know what you want and take an active role in making it happen.

The project is being led by Liz and Chris from General Public in partnership with The Active Wellbeing Society.

The overall purpose of the project is:

  • To develop ownership and participation in caring for our own spaces (Seven Street Pocket Park)
  • To partner with local groups or organisations interested in developing and maintaining public spaces for their local communities 
  • To develop a sustainable network to maintain and support local people looking after their own environment and people 
  • To handover responsibility in the longer term to local groups interested in maintaining their own spaces 

To that purpose your involvement is really important – the group are already working with Clifton and Nelson Mandela Primary Schools who will be involved in activities and growing at the site.  They will also be supporting the City Farm 40th Anniversary celebrations in April.  The project is being led by local individuals and groups, so how the project develops is quite open to you and other people in Balsall Heath.