I promised to show you how the (very economical) amaryllis came on. As they are ever-reliable it has duly rewarded us for almost no effort by producing the beautiful trumpets you can see in the photo. It is also going to produce the same number again from its second shoot, which is saving itself for when the first flowers fade.
Well, I’m definitely going to have to get one or two more to sustain me through to the New Year….But just a quick thought about this one. I’d like to keep it so that there will be more flowers next year. This means cutting of the flowers stalks when the flowers are over, and putting the bulb in a place where it can get as much daylight as possible. If it produces some leaves, so much the better, as they will send nutrients back down into the bulb. Feeding the bulb some tomorite or other potassium based food in the spring will help replace the old bulb witha new and vigorous one for next year’s flowers.


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