Playing Out Activator Day 2019

This event has ended

Are you passionate about children’s right to play out in the streets where they live?

Would you like to get more involved in this growing movement and meet other street play enthusiasts? Have you set up a group to promote street play in your area, or are you thinking about it? If you’re a parent, resident, community activator or activist interested in street play, come and join Playing Out at the 6th annual Playing Out Activator Day in Birmingham on 30th March.

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This year Playing Out are asking for £10 to cover the cost of lunch, but if this and/or travel costs are a problem they can help cover them so please don’t let this be a barrier to joining them. For more information, please contact for information. Otherwise you can book your ticket here via Eventbrite.


Playing Out

Playing Out is a national organisation supporting a growing UK-wide street play movement. As well as thousands of people working on a voluntary basis in their own streets and cities, we have a small staff team based in Bristol.

Just playing out
Simply ‘playing out’ – having the freedom to step out of your own front door and kick a ball about – is nothing new. There are still some streets and estates where this happens and that’s great. But the reality is that most children have far less freedom to play out than their parents or grandparents had. Yet though the world may have changed for today’s children, their need for free play close to their homes remains just as strong. And Playing Out think this dwindling freedom means that they, their families and communities are losing out on something important.