Balsall Heath Fairy Doors

This event has ended

We are running a competition for children to design a ‘Balsall Heath Fairy Door’ – magical doors to other worlds. The best designs will be made into beautiful, handmade doors and they will be installed around Seven Streets Pocket Park as a trail (this is the park between Clifton & Runcorn Roads). People will visit from miles around to marvel at the doors!

What is a fairy door?
A fairy door is a magical portal between our world and another imaginary place, usually found at the base of a tree trunk.

• IMAGINE – if you could step from Balsall Heath through a door into another imaginary world…….where would you go?
• Draw your door design on a piece of A4 paper. Make the drawing big to fill up the whole page.
• Give your door a name. Write it at the top of your design.
• On a separate piece of paper, write a sentence or more telling us about your door (Where does the door lead to? Why does it look like this? What is the idea behind your design?)
• DON’T FORGET! Write your name, age & address somewhere on your design.
•. Post it back to General Public, 69 Station Road, Birmingham, B14 7SS.
•. Need pens and paper? Get in touch and we will post some to you! Tel: 07769530557.

• You might want to take your inspiration from doors in Balsall Heath or different types of doors around the world.
• Door designs can be any shape or size. Triangles or squiggly shapes are just as good as rectangles.
• Doors designs can be any colour or pattern. Maybe you would like to use a pattern from the natural world? Or the colours of your favourite country, shop or football team?
• You might want to have some writing or a slogan on them. Maybe the door might support Black Lives Matter? Or something else that is important to you?
• The doors might even be 3D with bits sticking out of them. Tell us what materials you would use.
• Be creative and use your imagination! Unique and unusual designs are welcome!

We have created some online resources to help you with your designs. For ideas & inspiration, to help you create the best fairy door design in the world, please visit: