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Recipes for Resistance

Recipes for Resistance is an interactive multimedia art project which explores the politics of food and its relationship to migration, belonging, memory, culture, coloniality, gender, resilience, adaptability and resistance.

It functions as both a metaphor for and testimony to survival.

Recipes for Resistance is now open until 25th June 2021.

Viewing Slots

As we are coming out of lockdown it is important to us to keep all our visitors and staff safe. We are therefore asking you to book a viewing slot for our exhibition here. This will allows us to monitor visitors numbers and allow you a safe and calm viewing experience.

The ticket gives you a 60minute window to see the show. If you cannot attend last minute please cancel your order or contact the gallery so we can cancel it for you to ensure everyone who wants to visit will be able to.

BY APPOINTMENT Saturday viewing slots are by appointment, please contact us to book a slot.


Facebook Live
26 June, 7pm, Free

Salaams / Peace – We’re back!

Come and join our fantastic poets and musicians on the 26 June for an hour of moving, thoughtful, inspiring and chilled lyrical wordsmithery!

We are blessed to host the wonderful: Shab (Humble Mind)SaeefullahHamza Dalvi & Umar Wills

Join live via facebook

Celebration Exhibition Jason Clarke

6 July – 10 July 2021

Jason Clarke was a bipolar artist. Art helped to focus his mind and he would empty his terrors, horrors and demons. Anything weighing him down. Drawing was a second language, drawing was freedom.

Jason passed away on April 16th 2020 from Covid. He was a patient at the psychiatric hospital but was transferred to New Cross where he died in ITU.  

This show is a celebration of Jason’s life and his artwork.  In association with Arts All Over The Place