Emergency Transport Plan in Balsall Heath

John Newson from Balsall Heath is Our Planet updates us on plans for the Moseley Road.

A new Emergency Transport Plan has been released by Birmingham city council, to manage travel demand as lockdown eases and some people return to their work places. It is here.

Once again, the Moseley Road scheme of 2019 is put off. In June and July they will review Moseley Road / Alcester Road to see if there are any quick win measures that can be put in place for September which will reallocate space to walking and cycling by signs and barriers. Typical Quick Wins would be shared pavement cyclist/pedestrian, or taking road space from general traffic, or removal of some on-street parking spaces. Measures would be cheap and temporary.

There will not be public consultation, since the changes are temporary, but elected ward councillors will definitely know what is being planned and everyone will be able to see and express a view on whether any temporary measures are to become permanent. Or none, if they judge other roads to be more urgent.