The Forum’s wonderfully successful Dynamic Youth Awards evening makes everyone proud to be part of the Balsall Heath community. Youth may sometimes get a bad press but there were plenty there on Wednesday to prove they don’t deserve it. Balsall Heath may sometimes get a bad press – but it has to be said that among the array of special guests present there was not one who would believe it. Their consistent theme was – ‘If only there was a Forum like this everywhere. If only there were communities like this everywhere. If only there were achievements like this everywhere.’
The Church Centre looked as bright and welcoming as anywhere could be, and was packed, as is always the way for Forum events, with people of all ages, all ethnicities and all faiths. Well done to the organisations who sponsored the youth awards, and especially well done to the Forum for putting it all together for the seventh time in a row, to recognise the young people and encourage them on their way.
We all need encouragement – so let’s not forget the amazing achievements of the Forum, and its loyal people (largely unpaid): cheers Hamid, Sanjay, Mohammed, volunteers not forgetting Maurice, Abdullah, and all the Forum’s committee led by Subah, who are beavering away largely behind the scenes. We can’t thank you enough but we can try!