Domestic Abuse – Are You Worried about Someone?

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We at West Midlands Police understand that staying at home might be particularly difficult for some people. Home is supposed to be the safest place for us all right now, but if you are experiencing domestic abuse then the advice to stay at home could be frightening.

If you know someone whose family or partner is threatening them, controlling their behaviour or being violent, this is domestic abuse and we can help.

There are lots of types of domestic abuse.  Someone might be:

Hurting someone

Controlling their money or stopping access to it

Controlling where they go, when and who you they talk to

Making threats towards them or the people they care about

Right now, they might be taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation by:

Trying to stop someone leaving the house for fresh air or essentials (please use for the current government advice on staying safe and who needs to isolate)

They might be trying to stop someone having contact with family and friends via phone, text or video messaging, all of which are safe to do – even if people have to self-isolate

None of this behaviour is okay.

Now more than ever we are being asked to look after one another. If you suspect a friend or family member is being abused please encourage them to get in contact.

If someone is in immediate danger and their life is threatened, they should dial 999 and we will get officers to them as soon as possible.

Domestic abuse can be reported to us using our website It’s easy to use and could be safer than calling.

Anyone can webchat our staff easily via the website for help and advice without having to talk to someone on the phone.

There’s also a list of local charities for anyone you think might need help here

They are not alone.

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Anthony Wilkes (Police, Engagement & Consultation Officer, Partnerships Lloyd House)