Pacha House Kitchen Garden

We want to encourage people to get together to work co-operatively and collaboratively for community conservation and eco-consciousness, both inter-generationally and inter-culturally.

A community compassionate space, a home from home environment for the local community to see their well-being initiatives and be supported and encouraged for the practice of holistic therapeutic activity and permaculture.

Advocating equality, mutual support and the sharing of skills for self sufficiency to build a resilient community.

Green Hearts – Community permaculture and seed bank.

Pacha Puro – community natural hygiene and skin/scalp/haircare.

Highgate Emporium – homemade, handmade with love. An ethical community store of handcrafted up-cycled and preloved gifts.

Clover-flower-fields Farm – Animal Sanctuary and Permaculture Venue.