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Welfare Benefits Entitlement: Housing Related Issues
DLA, PIP, ESA, Universal Credit, Income Support, BCC Housing Applications, Social Landlord applications, Private Renting
Cares Allowance, Council Tax Support Change of Circumstances, Online Housing application, Repairs
Housing Benefit Discretionary payments – Council tax/Rent BCC Home Choice Bidding Support, Eviction Process
Consumer Rights Debt Management & Money Advice
Advice on how to resolve your Consumer Issues Arrears for utilities, Rent arrears, Dealing with Creditors Priority/Non Priority debt management Advice and Guidance Form Filling & Letter Writing
ESA, JSA, PIP, Universal Credit Online, Housing applications Small Claims Court process Advice & Guidance
Immigration forms, Travel documents, NADRA applications Landlord/Tenant disputes, Housing Eviction Process,
Benefit Mandatory re-considerations, Benefit Tribunal Appeals Compensation for faulty Goods