Cultural Resistance and Creative Protest

We’re looking for 12 people from the Balsall Heath community to form a group of community producers to design and deliver six public arts events that celebrate creative protest and cultural resistance, taking inspiration from the mix of cultural heritages found in Balsall Heath.

What you will do:

The group will be supported by The GAP Arts Team to research the topic and unearth examples of creative protest and cultural resistance, including from the histories of local communities. You will work with artists to try your hand at some of these practices, and consider how some of them might be adapted for contemporary use. You will design and produce a series of 6 public events and activities throughout 2022 for your neighbours, friends and families, sharing new knowledge and skills, and, above all, celebrating our shared human resilience.


If you would like to be part of the Community Producers group, please contact Ceri at

Taking place early 2022 year so get in touch asap!