Code Your Future

Code Your Future is an NGO and coding school for disadvantaged individuals (including refugees, those living below the local poverty line, ex-offenders and many others).

For those interested in starting a career in programming, it’s necessary to complete Introduction to Coding. This will make them eligible for our vocational training program starting in a few short weeks in the West Midlands.

Our vocational programme equips the students with the necessary skills for entry level jobs in the tech sector. Key features of our programme are:

  • No experience required. Many of our graduates who have succeeded in gaining employment had no coding experience. 
  • Flexible online study. Our students are able to continue working if they need to, as classes are run online with one live session on weekends (currently also online).
  • Necessary costs covered. We aim to remove as many barriers to study as possible for our students by covering associated costs, such as providing laptops, internet access, transportation and childcare.
  • Our course has proven to be successful in getting people jobs in the tech industry. 70% of our graduates have either gained full-time employment or chose to continue full-time studies.

During the coronavirus pandemic when many find themselves with less income and more spare time our course provides a unique opportunity to learn new skills to help transform people’s lives. That’s why we are trying to spread the word: please share this information with those who you think may be eligible for the course. 

If you have any questions, do please check our website F.A.Q. page.