Clean Air Zone – How to make an application for an exemption permit

Birmingham is on a journey to cleaner air and the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is a key part of this journey. From 1 June 2021 non-compliant vehicles will be charged each time they enter the zone. In order to help the transition to the CAZ requirements, there are a number of exemptions available for:

  • Residents
  • Workers
  • Commercial vehicles registered in the CAZ
  • Commercial vehicles with existing finance agreements (must be able to prove that the vehicle is regularly kept overnight in the CAZ for the purpose of carrying out business in the CAZ)
  • Community transport vehicles

Before applying for an exemption permit it is important that you read through the Terms and Conditions on the Brum Breathes website and check your vehicle compliance using the DVLA vehicle checker.

If your application is successful, your vehicle registration will be added to an online list of exempt vehicles and you will not be chargeable during the period of your exemption, which will commence on the launch date of Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone.

To find out more and make an application, please go to: