Bright Future’s Presentation Award

Bright Future’s Presentation Award event marked an end to a 6 months of 2 Mini Football Leagues.
League 1 – age 5-8 years old
League 2 – age 9-13 years old
Elite Team – 14-16 years old (Playing in the FA League )

Attended by nearly 100 children and around 70 parents & guardians as well as VIP Guests such as Sergeant Rigby, PCSO Loz, Councillor Zhor Malik, Michael Wynter from UCAN (Alexander Stadium) and a representative from Aston Villa Football Club (Jack).

  • All children have received a trophy and a medal each.
  • 2 big Cups to the winning teams.
  • 10 Players were referred to Aston Villa
  • 7 Players were also referred to Manchester

A very Successful project indeed and an amazing ending.