Bike Theft

Lockdown has seen a lot of people dust off their old bike and get back cycling. With a lot of people holidaying at home this year you may well be planning a few bike rides. West Midlands Police want to share our top tips for keeping your bike safe.

Always lock your bike when you leave it – even if it’s only for a few minutes. We would recommend using a D-lock.

Lock it in a busy well-lit area, where lots of people are walking past. Nothing puts off a bike thief as much as an audience!

When at home it’s safer to lock your bike in a garage or shed or keep it indoors rather than leave it in the garden.

There are more tips on our website if you need them

We wish you a safe staycation and hope for some lovely weather.

Message Sent By
Stefanie Sadler (Police, Engagement & Consultation officer, Birmingham Partnerships)