Big Chat – Balsall Heath Together

Balsall Heath Neighbourhood News Online is partnering with Active Communities to explore how we can promote and celebrate what is happening in Balsall Heath.

We would like to invite you to join us for a one hour video call on Monday 7th December at 1pm to discuss how we can work together.  This is also a great opportunity to meet residents and organisations active in our community.

The Big Chat will be about how we can share resources and information to work together with everyone in our community. Active Communities intend to work with Neighbourhood News Online to represent news and opinion from local residents and organisations, to keep an accurate map and directory to find what we need and to help identify what people in our community want. 

We want to discuss how best to do this and to ensure it will remain accurate, useful and sustainable in the future. How do you think we can best work together so everyone in our local community can lead active, fulfilling lives? 

How to be a part of the Big Chat! 
To attend, please e-mail Ella-May Patey-Round – and include the following; 

  • Your name  
  • E-mail and telephone number 
  • Your organisation (if you are part of one) 

We’ll be chatting on Zoom which is a video platform and very easy to use.  Once you have signed up to your session, Ella will send you an invite via e-mail to the Zoom conference call which you will just need to click on at the time of the meeting.  

You will not need to download any software or an app to take part in the Zoom conference on either your phone or laptop, this can also be accessed from an Android or Apple phone.  

We hope to see you next week , if you have any questions please contact Ella-May at who will be happy to assist. 

Also you can ring Marcus Belben from Active Communities on 07784 302 283 to check out any details.  Even if you can’t attend, he would really like to speak to you and stay in contact.

Do please share this with anyone who you feel should be part of this conversation.