Autism Friendly Late Opening at Ort Gallery

Autism Friendly Late Opening

Wednesday 20 November, 5-7pm.

For this event we will be opening our doors longer than usual to give people who would like to experience the current show “Vessels” in a calm and relaxed setting the opportunity to do so.

Accessibility is very important to us as an organisation and you can find out more about by reading our Access Guide here.

We will offer a Guided Tour to visitors who would like to find out more about the show which will be an informal tour around the exhibition with curator Josie and allow visitors to ask questions.

We strive to be an accessible venue where everyone feels welcome. We do not have a dress code or behaviour code we expect our visitors to follow. We are open to visitors behaving in a way that might be understood to be “inappropriate” behaviour in other galleries — we are happy for you to touch the art work, for you to behave as you would like and for you to take the time you need. Please respect the art work and do not damage it.

Quiet spaces are available on request.

We will be running at least one of these late opening events per exhibition.

Please get in touch with any questions (or suggestions for improvement) here.