Amal Creative in 2022

Amal Creative have started 2022 busier than ever. Surieya Alahdal from the group explains more.

Amal Creative Womens Group is funded by the National Lottery and aims to help support women in the B10, B11 and B12 area.

Initially our purpose was to bring Yemeni women together to improve spoken and written English by providing ESOL classes and hosting coffee mornings at The Womens Enterprise Centre on Ladypool Road twice a week. These sessions run 9:00am – 11:30am Monday and Wednesdays.

As we have developed over the past 2 years we have extended our service to women from other ethnic backgrounds to learn from each other and empower our position within the community. We now host creative activities such as sewing, knitting, colouring, swimming and trips around the local area.

Furthermore, we have previously worked in partnership with Art Works Hall Green’s ‘My Doorstep, My Culture’ Art Project to work with Artist ILdikó Nagy to create a piece that represents who we are as a minority group. This is currently being showcased in Moseley Road Baths’ Gala Pool until the end of March 2022.

From January 2022 we have extended our group sessions and now host bike riding and gardening classes to promote healthy living and eating. These sessions run on a Tuesday mornings 9:00am – 11:00am at St Paul’s Development Trust.