2020-2021: My City, My Home

My City My Home, is a creative writing competition with a focus on women from Birmingham, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Our cities are a melting pot of cosmopolitan cultures. Yet, there is distinctiveness and roots that connect to the past.

The topic will focus on ‘city and home’ and how this connects to women. The identity and role of women is as diverse across the cities and countries as is 21st century society.

“We want to give women and girls the chance to tell their story.
We need to hear it from them.”
– Piali Ray OBE, Director Sampad –

Would she ask –Who is telling my story? Where is home? Where do I belong? What are my memories? What are my dreams? Is this city mine? Do I love my city? Do I care? Have I made a home? What memories can we make for the future? who are the faces of our cities? where is the soul of the cities? people? music? arts? money? buildings?
What are we learning from each other – who is in the dialogue ? What do we want to celebrate?

You can enter a poem, short story or other prose.
You can enter HERE

Eligibility to enter
• All entrants must be women or girls of Aged 16+
• Submissions may be up to 1000 words
• Entrants must be residents or demonstrate a clear connection with locations in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Birmingham (UK)

Closing date for entries: 30 December 2020

Winners will be informed between 22-26 February 2021
X3 Winners will each receive £200.00
Publication of entries and further selected pieces will be launched in Birmingham, Pakistan, and Bangladesh in summer 2021.

You can submit your entry on the Sampad website, or you can follow this link here.

My City My Home is part of Transforming Narratives, a ground-breaking three- year project to establish Birmingham as a global centre for contemporary arts from Pakistan and Bangladesh

My City My Home, is also part of Sampad’s Sakshi (meaning Witness in Hindi) strand launched in 2018. Running until 2022 Sakshi will deliver a series of projects which focus on girls and women, to involve them in creative projects and to get their voices heard through the arts.